We moved house!

by Liz Beavis
Can you believe it!?  After owning our 258 acre property Cheslyn Rise at Kumbia for about five years and working on the house here for nearly four years, we had a week off work before Easter to get things ready and we finally moved in!  We have no couches (order is coming in to the shop any day now) and there are boxes everywhere, but we are loving it here.

We built a yard to keep the dogs on the property (and not wandering away to round up other people's cattle), we moved all the chickens and the chicken tractors on the car trailer and we have nearly everything we need here.  Except for internet.  We are just using mobile data at the moment, so I might not blog much until we get that sorted again.  The NBN are "updating their website" as our property does not come up in the fixed wireless zone, but when I checked the map our house is in the zone, just not the entire property, so they said they can change that, but I don't know how long it will take and then we will have to wait for an installer to be available etc.

When I have internet again I really want to make some videos to show you around the house and our property, as its hard to get it all into photso, but in the meantime, I'll be loading a few photos on facebook and instagram.

Of course the work doesn't stop!  Now instead of driving from Nanango to Kumbia every weekend to work on our house.... we will we driving from Kumbia to Nanango to work on our house!  The house at Nanango needs a bit of work to tidy up, there are still holes in the wall from before we moved in, we just never go around to fixing stuff when we lived there.  We have some more painting and landscaping to do here at Kumbia and then we will finally get our solar bore and orchard happening.

You know the one thing I miss the MOST?  My garden!  When we pop back to Nanango to pick up more stuff, I pop into the garden and pick kale and parsley and turn on the sprinkler (no point leaving all that rainwater for the new owners).  We will set up some raised garden beds eventually, but in the meantime I have six large pots filled with potting mix and ready to plant, what would you put in six pots if that was all you could grow?  We have a mild winter, I'm trying to think what would produce the most food from a small space.

See you all again very soon xo

first angus calf of the season
pete checking the bees

My new solar-powered-outdoor-clothes-airer - with Taz photobomb

two of last season's weaner calves - now only a short walk away to check on them

Gus helping with unpacking

Chicken tractors in their new location

lunches when we're on holiday
Three cows left at Nanango and enjoying some rare green grass for now
until we get a chance to move them

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