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Seven random facts about beekeeping - plus books and resources

Dec 06 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees

Before we got bees, I really hadn't thought much about bees at all, and now I think about them all the time, there are just so many bee things to think about!  Here's a few bee facts that might interest you too.

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The buzz about bees - book review

Jul 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees, book

The more I learn about the bees, the more I'm fascinated by them and amazed at the things that researchers have figured out! To be successful beekeepers we need to try to learn as much as we can about the bees in our care. Some of the books on beekeeping use a kind of rote learning approach and tell you exactly what to do with your bees, but they can't possibly cover every situation.

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Beginner beekeeper: where should I start??

Apr 05 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees

We've had bees for just over two years and it feels like we have learnt so much about bees, but at the same time we are realising that there so much more to know about these amazing creatures.  This is how I suggest you get started.

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Beginner beekeeper: How to harvest honey

Mar 20 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees

There are a few different ways to extract honey from frames.  We have a manual turn 2-frame certifugal extractor.  A lot of people with only a few hives will just crush and strain the comb.  This post is about how we've been extracting honey so far (four times now), and there are links at the end to other bloggers who use different methods so you can compare.

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How to make a wooden chopping board polish

Feb 20 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees, book, salve

Since we got our own bee hives I've been able to enjoy the many benefits of bees.  Honey, improved pollination and lots of beeswax (and the occasional bee sting).  I was excited to receive a review copy of The Beeswax Workshop, by of Chris Dalziel.  Here's what I thought of the book and the chopping board polish that I made.

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Beekeeping - boom and bust

Jan 11 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees

We got our first little nuc of bees back in July 2015. Since then we have been slowly building up numbers, we bought another nuc and three full hives that were already on our property, and we've made several more nucs and hives from splitting those first hives and catching swarms. Over the last 18 months we've become hyper-observant of all the flowering plants on our property because bees increase...

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