Luxury Soaps

10 products

    10 products
    Shampoo Natural Soap Bar - with goat's milk and honey
    from $7.50
    Conditioner Bar ~ Plastic-free zero-waste hair conditioner in a solid bar ~ great for travel
    from $14.00
    Neem Oil Natural Soap
    from $7.50
    Salt Spa Natural Soap
    from $7.50
    Aloe and Comfrey Natural Soap - luxury hand soap
    from $7.50
    Pink Poppy Natural Soap - with a gentle exfoliant
    from $7.50
    LIMITED EDITION: Cool Cucumber Natural Soap
    Sold Out
    LIMITED EDITION: Smashed Avocado Natural Soap
    Eight Acres Gift Card
    from $10.00

    Natural Luxury Soaps

    If you're looking for something a bit different for a gift or just a touch of luxury, these handmade natural soaps contain specially selected oils and butters and other fun colours and ingredients compared to the rest of the Eight Acres range. They are round and fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

    You will also find LIMITED EDITION soaps here, which are made from seasonal ingredients such as cucumber or prickly pear fruit.

    Shop our Natural, Handmade & Sustainable Luxury Soap Collection

    At Eight Acres, we hand-make our products using natural ingredients. Our ethos is to focus our lives on sustainability, which is about reducing the resources that we use and the waste that we produce.

    Every decision, from sourcing to packaging is made with the environment in mind. We want our customers and stakeholders to not only feel good about their purchases but also know that they are doing something positive for themselves and others around them. Most of our products are made by hand in Kumbia, QLD.

    If you want to buy natural luxury liquid hand soap, premium hand crafted soap, luxury bar soap, luxury handmade soap... you've come to the right place, you can find all my products in this collection. 

    When you buy from us, your purchase is not just an investment in good health but also the future of our planet.