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    WORKSHOP: Cold-Process Handmade Natural Soap Making
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    WORKSHOP: Natural Lip Balm and Body Butter

    Want to learn how to make natural products? You're in the right place

    Join our small classes to learn how to make your own natural products from scratch in a friendly atmosphere.

    Great for making your own products or gifts. If the scheduled dates don't work for you, let's discuss a private natural products workshop.

    Why everyone loves our natural product classes and workshops

    Hand-making your own products is quite rewarding and therapeutic, but the savings on making them yourself are a huge bonus. 

    Many of our workshop guests are looking to incorporate using natural ingredients as much as possible in the home and even for maintaining their self-care

    So if you're on a journey of living a more sustainable life, consuming less and producing more, our workshops will set you on the path you're looking to walk down. We can't wait to see you at our next natural products class. 

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