Pure Beeswax

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    Every time we harvest honey we also collect a small amount of beeswax as we uncap the honeycombs. I refine the beeswax using only rainwater and filter it through cloths. This beeswax is unbleached and untreated. I sell blocks of beeswax for you to use in DIY projects and I use it myself to make beeswax wraps, balms and candles.
    5 products
    Beeswax for making DYI beauty, crafts and candles, by Eight Acres
    Natural Beeswax for beeswax wraps, beauty products and candle-making
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    DIY Beeswax Wrap Blocks - make your own beeswax wraps
    Gum Rosin - for beeswax wraps and crafts
    Pure beeswax candles
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    Beeswax Wraps - 2 pack - various sizes and colours
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