eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables

eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables
eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables
eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables
eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables
eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables

eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables

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Grow Your Own Vegetables eBook

Growing your own vegetables can save you money, give you access to fresh food in your backyard and reconnect you with nature. What’s not to love about growing your own vegetables? While growing your own vegetables is easy when you know how… you do need to know how first!

This eBook will change the way you think about growing vegetables! If you have been struggling with the cost of fertilisers, despairing that nothing will grow for you or you’re confused and not even sure where to start, this eBook is for you.

Even if you’re having mild success, but want to understand more about soil, microbes, plants, ways to reduce your input costs and growing some fun and weird vegetables, there’s always more to learn right!? You can get excited about the prospect of significantly reducing your grocery bill by making some small changes to produce more vegetables from your existing garden. And the idea of being self-reliant is very attractive at the moment in these uncertain times.

Learn from Elizabeth Beavis, who has been growing her own vegetables since 2008 in three different locations in Queensland Australia. She has started gardens, farmed worms, gathered manure and saved seeds and found the best ways to grow your own vegetables using organic methods and with low input costs. She is also a Chemical Engineer PhD and studied a certificate in Sustainable Agriculture with Nutritech Systems in 2012.

All of this vegetable growing knowledge and experience is condensed into 35 pages of easy to follow pdf document for you to read on-screen or print if you prefer. The Grow Your Own Vegetables eBook has three parts: firstly some soil science theory (which may just blow your mind), then some practical ideas for garden design, and finally information about unusual vegetables for sub-tropical gardens.

Add a one hour consultation with the author via video call for only $50. This is an opportunity to ask questions and review your plans with an expert.



About me

Why grow your own vegetables?

Does growing vegetables save you money?

How can I avoid disappointing results?

PART 1: A Little Bit of Science

What is soil anyway?

What about soil minerals and fertiliser?

What about soil microbes?

When and how should we feed plants?

PART 2: Practical skills in the garden

How can I design my garden?

What key design elements should I consider?

How can I source nutrients for my garden?

What types of garden bed should I use?

What about controlling pests?

How can I propagate plants for free?

Should I use seeds or seedlings?

PART 3: Growing Vegetables in the Sub-Tropics

Which vegetables are easy to grow?

Which vegetables are perennial producers?

Which unusual vegetables are worth a try?

What next?

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