Handmade Natural Soap

Tallow is good for your skin, it makes a lovely hard bar of soap and its a by-product from butchering beef, so its a local and sustainable ingredient for soapmaking. I use beef tallow instead of palm oil, so all my soaps are palm oil free, but they are not vegan.  If you want to read more, I wrote a blog post about the benefits of tallow soap here

All my soaps contain 50-100% beef tallow, so they are not vegan. I don't make any vegan soaps.

I don't use any palm oil in my soap. Beef tallow is a good substitute of palm oil and I know that it is sustainably sourced as I render it myself.

I don't use any artificial fragrance oils or fake colours, such as mica, in my soaps.

My soaps are lightly scented with high quality essential oils. Any colours come from edible (or harmless) ingredients such as herbs, charcoal, clay, beer and honey.  

All the ingredients are listed with the individual products.  

Yes!  We sell wholesale soaps in lots of 10 bars or more. I love working closely with other businesses to create unique and sustainable products, if you would like to add some of our tallow soaps to your product range then I would love to hear from you, find out more here or just send me an email and we can discuss
your needs.

Handmade soaps make wonderful gifts or favours for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, or any other special occasion.  I love giving a practical, yet beautiful gift that I know will be used and
appreciated.  I can customise soaps to match you party theme - colours, scents and toppings, as well as lables to make your special occasion unique.  You can find out more here or just send me an email and we can discuss your needs.

Tallow soap can be very gentle and a good option for sensitive skin, but all skin is different and I recommend that you try the soap on a small patch of skin before using it all over, just in case you have a reaction.

In particular it is not recommended to use soap of any kind on very sensitive parts of the body (sorry if that is too much information, but I have had this question so I feel like I had better answer it!  Please read more about cleaning your vagina and cleaning your penis - hint: don't use soap!)

The ingredients of each soap are listed on the product pages.  I make soap with ingredients including goat's milk, beeswax, honey, oats and various oils. I cannot guarantee contamination from one soap to another, so if you have severe allergies to any of my ingredients they are probably not suitable soaps for you. 

When you are not using your soap, store it in a cool dark place, ideally in a paper bag so that it can breath.  Soaps made with essential oils will gradually lose the scent, but when you use them you may find that the scent returns. Soaps with toppings such as oats or lavender should not be stored where they can get damp, as these ingredients can develop mould.  If this happens you can just cut off the top of the soap and still use the rest of the soap. 

Our handmade natural soaps are made with beef tallow, which naturally makes a hard longlasting soap.  If you want to get the most out of your soap, make sure that it dries out between uses, ideally on a soap dish that allows the soap to drain.

Raw Honey and Beeswax

Yes and no... there is no official definition for "food grade" beeswax, so its not a claim that I can make.  I clean the beeswax as much as possible without using any chemicals, and it is suitable for
use to make beeswax wraps, candles and salves (or other skincare).

The number of hives varies, but usually we have about 30 hives on our property.

As we are based in Queensland, we can't send any honey or beeswax products to Western Australia or Tasmania due to biosecurity regulations.

While we are very excited to provide a plastic-free glass jar honey option to our customers, we have been let down by Australia Post and their rough handling of parcels. As glass jars require significantly more packaging to reach you safely, postage rates are higher for these products. They are however ideal for local delivery or pick-up options, you will also find our full range of honey at the monthly Kumbia Markets. We also have honey in 1kg plastic pails and 500g plastic squeezies, which are more reliable for posting around Australia at our normal postage rates.

You can find out more about our beeswax candles in this blog post.

Shipping & Policies

Kumbia is a very small town located near the slightly larger town of Kingaroy, which is north west of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia (I wrote more about it here).

Sure, just email me after you place you order to arrange either coming to our farm or meeting somewhere around the South Burnett. I also have local delivery options. You can select delivery or pick up at check out. Note that I am not necessarily home every day, if you are travelling through on a certain day when I'm not home, I can sometimes arrange to leave your order at the Kumbia service station. Please don't assume that I will be home or have time to prepare your order for a certain pick-up day, message or call to check before placing your order.

Yes - local delivery is free within 25km of Kumbia and the rates increase with distance. I will plan to drop off your order within two weeks the next time I am heading your way, or I will put it in the post instead. If you can't wait that long, pick-up is a better option. You can select local delivery or pick-up at check out.

I think its really important to support local businesses, and I'm sure you can find a local soapmaker to buy from, there are so many wonderful soapmakers all over the world. However, I couldn't find any tallow soap available online for New Zealand customers, so I made that an option in my store.

My products are wrapped in brown paper bags and newspaper to protect them during transport. I may also re-use biodegradable fillers,
and occasionally re-use bubble wrap to ensure products are protected during postage. I use cardboard boxes, compostable satchels and I also re-use post bags that I receive. 

Postage is calculated by weight - 500g is $10, 1kg $14 3kg is $18 and up to 5kg is $21. Express post options are also available at checkout for a few extra $.

I need to allow some extra weight for packaging - so for example 1kg of product will be shipped in a 3kg bag.

You will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as I have packed your order, however I may not drop it off at the post office until the following day.

Please note that postage of honey is glass jars is higher due to the packaging required to keep it safe from Australia Post's handling processes.

I do my best to post your order within a week. I work full-time as well as making soap, so my best opportunity to process orders is over the weekend, and I drop them off at the local post office on Monday after work. If you need your order urgently, please let me know and I may be able to pack it

Click here to see more information on the policies page.

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When I first started a blog in 2010 we lived on a property that was about eight acres in size. I was always explaining our activities by saying "we live on eight acres", so I used that as the name of my blog.  Since then we have moved to 250 A in Kumbia, but the name has stuck.  You can read all my blog posts over here.

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While you're welcome to arrange pick-up for your order, we don't currently host property visits for people who just want to have a look around. You can also book a phone/video consultation with me if you order one of my ebooks.