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Six facts about handmade natural soap

Dec 11 2017 1 Comment Tags: soap

Selling my soap at markets and to friends and family has made me realise how many questions people have about handmade soap.  Here are the answers to some of the common questions I get from people who are interested in using handmade natural soap.

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Using the whole beast

Oct 31 2017 2 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, real food, soap, tallow, tanning

Every year around winter-time we have one of our home-raised steers butchered at our property by a mobile a butcher.  We fill the freezer with meat, bones and tallow, and we sometimes even keep the hide for tanning.  It is very important to us that, as far as possible, we use the whole beast.  If this is something that you would to do too, here are a list of posts that you may find useful.

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How to avoid soaping mistakes - natural tallow soapmaking

Oct 23 2017 0 Comments Tags: ebook, soap

I'm not saying that I never make soaping mistakes, but I have figured out how to get my recipes right 99% of the time. I am on a soapmaking group on FB and every day or so someone will post that they forgot to add an oil or a butter to the recipe, or wondering why the soap hasn't turned out right. I am surprised because I don't have this much trouble. Here are three tips from my experience with...

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Goat milk and honey soap - and a natural soap book review

Jul 17 2017 0 Comments Tags: book, soap

I've been wanting to try making soap with milk for ages. We haven't been milking our cows, so I was waiting for a friend to have enough goat's milk to spare. I know I could just buy milk, but that seemed like a strange thing to do (you start to forget that milk comes from the shop when you've been milking a cow for a few years!). Anyway, I was happy to wait as I had plenty of other soap to make.

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A soap saver sack

Jun 14 2017 0 Comments Tags: crochet, knitting, soap

Have you heard of a soap saver? I hadn't until recently. A friend mentioned to me that she was putting the small bits of soap in a sock and that I should think about crocheting a little bag instead. And then they keep popping up on social media, so I thought I would give it a go. Am I the only one who hoards the little end bit of soaps that are too small to use? I have a bit of a collection of...

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How to make natural soap with beer (and tallow)

Mar 15 2017 0 Comments Tags: soap

I may have mentioned this before.... soap making is addictive!  Once you start, you just want to keep making more soap.  And not the same soap, you want to try all sorts of different soaps.  I made the mistake of joining a facebook group called Saponification Nationand now my facebook newsfeed is full of glorious soaps, in all colours and shapes, which makes it even harder to resist the urge to...

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