Natural Chopping Board Polish

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Natural Chopping Board Polish

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Natural Chopping Board Polish is made with beeswax and sunflower oil and can be used for regularly rejuvenating wooden chopping boards. Scented with eucalyptus essential oil (smells fresh and antimicrobial properties), simply use a clean cloth to rub a little polish into the board whenever it looks a bit dry, this will make your chopping boards last longer. Buff with another cloth and the boards are ready to use again. All the ingredients are natural and food-safe.

100g of polish in an aluminium tin.

Frequently asked beeswax chopping board questions

How do I use Natural Beeswax Chopping Board Polish?

Natural Chopping Board Polish can be used to seal and protect any wood chopping board (or other unsealed wood items).  Simply used a soft cloth to rub the polish generously into the wood item and then polish with another soft cloth.  If the polish is hard (particularly in cold weather), warm up the container by leaving it in the sun or next to the fireplace (or even use your body heat), until it is soft enough to apply.  For large items, do a spot test in a discrete location first to check the final finish.

How often should I apply Natural Beeswax Chopping Board Polish?

You can use beeswax polish for chopping boards as frequently as necessary to keep your wood chopping boards and other items looking good.  As soon as the wood appears to dry out, apply more Natural Chopping Board Polish to seal and protect.

What is the Natural Chopping Board Polish made from?

Our Natural Chopping Board Polish is very simple, it contains only sunflower oil, beeswax, vitamin E and eucalyptus essential oil.  It is non-toxic and safe on your skin.

How should I store Natural Chopping Board Polish and how long will it last?

Natural Chopping Board Polish is made from very stable ingredients and should last for at least a year if it is stored in a cool dry place with the lid secure.

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