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Book review: Waste Not - make a big difference by throwing less away

Mar 16 2019 0 Comments Tags: book review, plastic, waste

I have been following Erin Rhoad's blog The Rogue Ginger for years, and I love her clever tips for reducing waste.  I was pretty happy to find her book Waste Not at the airport, something to read on a long flight and enjoy while on holiday.

Overall, I enjoyed the practical advice (you know it all comes from Erin's personal experience).  The small steps will help someone completely new to the concept to get started without becoming overwhelmed.  The solutions are equally parts DIY and how to buy, so if you don't have time to make everything you can choose to buy, but if you can't afford to buy everything you can choose to make your own.  The photography really is stunning and helps to illustrate the tools, tips and tricks.

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Soap inside soap - how to use embeds

Dec 10 2018 3 Comments Tags: soap

The best thing about making your own soap is having fun with different techniques.  Once you have mastered basic soap making, its very easy to play around with different ingredients to create unique soaps.  For example, embeds, which is just soap inside a soap, are very simple and effective method to make a soap a little be special.    What is an embed? An embed is just soap that you put into your soap batter before it sets, to create different shapes and colours within your soap.  You can buy special moulds to make small soaps for embeds - for...

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Cooking with the sun!

Nov 26 2018 4 Comments Tags: permaculture, real food

Our sub-tropical climate brings with it ridiculously hot summer days.  And each 30degC plus day that I endured, reminded me that I could be harnessing this solar energy to cook my food!  One of the permaculture principles is Use and Value Renewable Resources and of course the sun is the ultimate renewable energy resource.  We have designed our house to use the sun's energy in winter and we are planning to get solar panels and solar hot water heating very soon.  Why not also use the sun for cooking?

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What is candied honey?

Nov 15 2018 3 Comments Tags: bees, honey

Our latest batch of honey has gone completely solid!  I opened the tap on the bucket and nothing came out.  Honey has a habit of doing this sometimes, depending on outside temperature, nectar source and the amount of pollen in the honey.  Every batch of our honey is different, it just depends where the bees have been getting their nectar.  And our honey is completely raw and just filtered through a sieve, it contains pollen and beeswax particles, so it is very unpredictable.

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Retrosuburbia - permaculture book review

Nov 05 2018 4 Comments Tags: book, book review, permaculture

David Holmgren's latest book "Retrosuburbia: The downshifters guide to a resilient future", is the manual that you need to see the potential of the suburban lifestyle.

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Our simple beach wedding

Oct 26 2018 2 Comments Tags: simple life, wedding

We got married on the 23rd of October 2010 at Woodgate Beach, and I wrote this post on our first wedding anniversary as a record of our wedding, with some tips for others who want to keep things simple.  We didn't follow all the traditions because we didn't know what they were and we were happy to just do our own thing.

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