Eight Acres Soap is Different!

by Liz Beavis

The mass-produced soap that you buy at the supermarket likely contains all sorts of synthetic colours, fragrances and other chemicals that you’d rather avoid. You’ve probably had bad experiences with poor quality soap that turns to mush in your soap dish. You might not even bother with soap, preferring body wash (and all the chemicals that go with it).

It can feel quite overwhelming when you look at the back of a soap package and see ingredients you can’t even pronounce. If you start to do any research, you find that half of them are going to cause you long-term problems. But you don’t have time to figure out a better option, so you jut keep grabbing the same products and hope for the best.

Eight Acres soap is different

My soap is made with beef tallow, which makes a hard bar of soap that lasts for ages. It is not vegan-friendly, however it is a by-product of the meat industry that is otherwise wasted. Lucky for us, it makes great soap! This is the most sustainable soap ingredient I could find as I can source it locally. All my soaps are also palm-oil free.

The oils in beef tallow are very close to the sebum of our own skin, so it is a very gentle and mild soap, great for sensitive skin. The other ingredients that I use are all natural, most of them you can safely eat. I only use clays and botanical products to add a little colour to my soap. And I use high-quality essential oils for a light scent, no strong smelling artificial fragrance oils or “parfum”, as these are known to cause various health problems.

I have a range of soap available in either a normal bar, a mini size (if you just want to try a few to see what you like) and an entire loaf of 10 bars for the soap lover (and bargain hunter). You can also order custom loaves of 10 bars made to your specifications. This is great for special occasions or if you just have a particular ingredient that you love.

Overall, my soap is natural, handmade (by me!) and sustainable.

(You can read more about the Eight Acres ethics here and our mission here.)

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