Soap Shakers - reduce plastic in your kitchen and laundry

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    If you're tired of throwing out empty bottles of dishwashing detergent and wondering if there is a better way... soap shakers are your solution to reducing single use plastic in your kitchen. Also known as suds makers, soap cages or soap savers, these stylish implements have been used for generations. We can help you with:

    • A generously sized stainless steel soap shaker
    • A bright yellow Australian-made soap shaker
    • Cleaning soap for your soap shaker
    3 products
    Stainless Steel Soap Shaker - Soap Saver - Suds Maker - for dishes, laundry and bubbly baths
    Natural Cleaning Soap - for a soap shaker, laundry and more
    from $2.00
    Yellow Soap Shaker - Soap Saver - Suds Maker - Made in Australia!