Natural cleaning and household products

8 products

    8 products
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    Stainless Steel Soap Shaker - Soap Saver - Suds Maker - for dishes, laundry and bubbly baths
    Natural Cleaning Soap - for a soap shaker, laundry and more
    from $2.50
    beeswax candles
    beeswax candles
    Pure beeswax candles
    from $5.00
    beeswax chopping board
    Natural Chopping Board Polish
    Natural leather dressing balm - made with neatsfoot oil by Eight Acres
    Natural Leather Balm For Dressing
    Yellow Soap Shaker - Soap Saver - Suds Maker - Made in Australia!
    Beeswax Wraps - 2 pack - various sizes and colours
    from $15.00
    Eight Acres Gift Card
    from $10.00

    Shop our Natural Cleaning & Natural Home Solutions Collection

    Handmade with all natural cleaning products, these products can be used for cleaning around the home, including the kitchen and laundry.

    We make the best cleaning products using natural ingredients, so you can trust that they won’t harm your family or pets. They are also biodegradable, so you can feel good about using them without harming the planet.

    Not only are our products environmentally friendly, but they also work better than other toxic cleaners. You will be amazed at how Eight Acres can clean your home without harsh chemicals.

    Order Eight Acres online today (you can even order in bulk!)

    About Eight Acres Natural Cleaning Products & Home Goods Collection

    At Eight Acres, we hand-make our products using natural ingredients. Our ethos is to focus our lives on sustainability, which is about reducing the resources that we use and the waste that we produce.

    Every decision, from sourcing to packaging is made with the environment in mind. We want our customers and stakeholders to not only feel good about their purchases but also know that they are doing something positive for themselves and others around them. Most of our products are made by hand in Kumbia, QLD.

    When you buy from us, your purchase is not just an investment in good health but also the future of our planet.