Eight Acres Mission:

Become a producer not a consumer!

Let me help you reduce your impact and increase your self-reliance by growing and making more of what you need...
Handmade Natural Soap

Eight Acres Soap is Different!

It can feel quite overwhelming when you look at the back of a soap package and see ingredients you can’t even pronounce. You won't have that problem at Eight Acres...
Pure Raw Honey

But isn’t all honey the same?

Before we got our own honey bee hives I never really thought much about honey. If you believe in eating quality food that tastes amazing, find pure raw honey, because, no, all honey is not the same!

Eight Acres Ethics

At Eight Acres it is important for us to use natural
ingredients to ensure that our products are as safe as possible. We don't use any artificial fragrance oils or colours in our soaps. We only use high quality essential oils, and any colours come from edible (or harmless) ingredients.

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Most of our products are made by hand in Kumbia, QLD. We make all the soap and beeswax products. We extract the honey from hives on our property. I do buy a small range of products to sell that complement the handmade products and help you to use them.

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Sustainability is about reducing the resources that we use and the waste that we produce. Every decision we make, from sourcing through to packaging, we try to choose the most sustainable option because we care about our impact on the earth.

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Where to Find Eight Acres Products
You will find us at Markets and Retail outlets around the South Burnett region
Where to find Eight Acres

Love for Eight Acres


Great product! The soaps are beautiful, I love using them everyday. Liz was very helpful and the items were shipped quickly - great communication too! Highly recommend!


Lovely, simple soap. Nice lather and nice, not overpowering smell. Thanks very much!


I am using two of your soaps at home and am really impressed. I like that it doesn’t disintegrate into a slushy thing like shop bought soaps do. I also like that it is a natural alternative to the chemicals in the hand washes I was using for convenience.


Love Liz's high quality soap. it makes my skin soft and not dried out and i love using natural products and not buying fake chemicals from big corporations.


My husband has finally opened the shaving soap I purchased for him. He has tried a few natural shaving soaps over the last little while - mainly at my behest to rid some toxins in our life. He is super impressed with your product!