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9 products

    9 products
    eBook - Make Your Own Natural Soap
    from $12.00
    eBook - Our Experience with House Cows
    from $12.00
    eBook - A Beginner's Guide to Backyard Chickens and Chicken Tractors
    from $12.00
    eBook - Advanced Natural Soapmaking Techniques
    from $12.00
    eBook - Grow Your Own Vegetables
    from $12.00
    eBook Bundle - Natural Soapmaking
    from $20.00
    eBook - The Solar Bore Pump Handbook
    from $12.00
    eBook Bundle - Small Farm Essentials
    from $40.00
    eBook Bundle - Productive Backyard Essentials
    from $20.00

    I grew up in the city, but I moved to a small farm in my late 20s and I've been passionate about growing my own food and making what I need ever since.

    Over the last 10+ years, by trial and error and a lot of research online and in real books, I've learnt

    • how to keep a house cow (including making cheese),
    • how to keep chickens in chicken tractors (including hatching chicks and butchering),
    • how go grow vegetables all year (I've started three gardens from scratch!) and
    • how to make natural soap using beef tallow.
    • We've also installed a solar bore pump on our property.

    All of this has allowed me to reduce my grocery bill and become self-reliant in many ways.

    If you also want to:

    • reduce your cost of living
    • know where your food comes from
    • know what is IN your food
    • spend more time outside in nature

    These eBooks will help you to get started and reduce your research time. 

    There are bundles available which include extra bonuses and value to really fast-track your learning. You can also book a one hour consultation with me to ask any questions and get feedback.