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Designing a homesteader's house

Mar 06 2017 0 Comments Tags: house, permaculture

A friend of mine is considering moving to a new block of land and building a house. She has similar goals and lifestyle to me, so she asked what we considered when designing our house. I guess she assumed that we had it all figured out. The funny part is, the main reason that it took us over a year to get a house organised, and in the end we just bought a secondhand house and moved it, BECAUSE we...

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One straw revolutionary - translating the translation

Jan 23 2017 0 Comments Tags: book, permaculture

In 1974, an American, Larry Korn arrived at Masanobu Fukuoka's farm in Shikoku Japan, to begin an informal internship that culminated in him translating into English Fukuoka-san's book The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming(affiliate link). The book was published in 1978 and Larry then hosted Fukuoka-san in the US and started his own business teaching natural farming...

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Holistic management - part 4: ecosystem processes

Sep 19 2016 0 Comments Tags: farm, Holistic Management, permaculture, sustainable

The book Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making sets out a guide to developing a holistic goal for your farm or business. 
Holistic management considers four fundamental and interelated processes that function within our ecosystem/environment: Water cycle, Mineral cycle, Energy cycle, Community dynamics.

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Hugelkultur update - 2016 version

Aug 31 2016 0 Comments Tags: garden, hugelkutur, permaculture

Several years ago now I introduced you to my "hybrid hugelkultur".  The aim of this project was to try to rehabilitate and area of bad erosion on the slope above our shed.  It looked like the slope had been carved out to make room for the shed and the water flow from the driveway drain had been directed across the area, which was causing serious erosion.

We started by moving the drain to a gentler...

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Where should I start with a new property?

Mar 21 2016 0 Comments Tags: design, farm, getting started, permaculture

I got a question from a reader about where to start with a new property.  Pete and I have started two new properties and this is what we have learnt so far.

eight acres: where should I start with a new property?

Like I wrote back in this post about designing your property with permaculture, step one is "do nothing" - just observe your property for at least a year, figure out what you want from it and what it can do, then start planning one small...

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Growing pepino

Mar 16 2016 0 Comments Tags: garden, perennial, permaculture, sub-tropical

Lately I've been taking our excess chokosto work. The world seems to be divided into two gorups of people, those who don't know what chokos are (and will take one to try) and those who DO know what they are (and won't take one!). Very few people seem to actually like them. The best thing about growing your own food is that you can grow weird things that you would never buy, just to try them. And...

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