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Cooking with the sun!

Nov 26 2018 4 Comments Tags: permaculture, real food

Our sub-tropical climate brings with it ridiculously hot summer days.  And each 30degC plus day that I endured, reminded me that I could be harnessing this solar energy to cook my food!  One of the permaculture principles is Use and Value Renewable Resources and of course the sun is the ultimate renewable energy resource.  We have designed our house to use the sun's energy in winter and we are planning to get solar panels and solar hot water heating very soon.  Why not also use the sun for cooking?

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Retrosuburbia - permaculture book review

Nov 05 2018 4 Comments Tags: book, book review, permaculture

David Holmgren's latest book "Retrosuburbia: The downshifters guide to a resilient future", is the manual that you need to see the potential of the suburban lifestyle.

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Gaia's Garden - a permaculture book review

Mar 15 2018 5 Comments Tags: book review, garden, permaculture

I first came across Gaia's Garden in 2013 and although I had tried to read other permaculture books before that, this was the one that really helped me to understand the concepts, both what to do and why.  Toby sadly died recently, so I thought it was a good time to review the book in detail.  Toby made an enormous contribution to permaculture and I'd like to remember him by reading his book again. 

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Planning a property using permaculture

Jan 03 2018 1 Comment Tags: permaculture

Every property is different and every person has different hopes and dreams for their property and different abilities to achieve them, too, but I think there are some general ideas from permaculture that could help you get started with a new property.

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Designing a homesteader's house

Mar 06 2017 0 Comments Tags: house, permaculture

Some advice for a friend who is thinking of building a house - what we have learnt from our secondhand house and how to use permaculture principles for house design.

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One straw revolutionary - translating the translation

Jan 23 2017 0 Comments Tags: book, permaculture

The One-Straw Revolution is a popular book with alternative farmers, but it can be difficult to understand without the broader context of Japanese farming in the 1970s.  This book by the original translator helps to put the first book in perspective.

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