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Frost - what is it and how to manage it

Jul 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: climate, frost, winter

People are often surprised that we get frost here in Queensland.  Sure, the majority of Queensland is typically frost free, but here in the South East corner we can experience frost, with some inland areas around Charleville having 40-50 frost days every year.  And certainly if you live in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, and southern parts of SA and WA, you can expect a few frost days too..

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Plastic Free July

Jul 01 2018 2 Comments Tags: plastic

The idea of Plastic Free July is to try for a month to actively avoid single-use plastic.  You can sign up for the whole month, or just a week, and you can avoid all single-use plastic or just the TOP 4 challenge (plastic bags, bottles, takeaway coffee cups & straws).  This is a collation of all my tips and tricks to avoid plastic this July.

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Winter Woodfires: Using wood ash

Jun 21 2018 3 Comments Tags: ash, compost, soil, woodstove

As you know, through winter we heat our home and cook using a woodstove, so we produce lots of wood ash as a result.

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Rendering tallow in a slow cooker

May 28 2018 7 Comments Tags: butcher, soap, tallow

How to render fat using a slow cooker to make tallow for cooking or soapmaking.

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Sustainable habits that our visitors find weird

May 23 2018 9 Comments Tags: sustainable

Its not until we have visitors, or we stay away from home, that we realise how weird some of our habits might seem to other people.  If you are trying to live a simple, frugal, self-reliant or sustainable life, you probably have some weird habits too.  I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours....

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Why do chickens stop laying eggs in winter?

May 20 2018 0 Comments Tags: chickens, eggs, winter

Chickens naturally stop laying eggs in winter.  Actually when you think about it, the fact that they lay an egg a day for so much of the year is completely unnatural.  Birds in the wild will only lay a few eggs until they have a clutch to hatch, but we have bred chickens to just keep laying every day, no wonder they need a break!

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