Where is Kumbia?

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When people ask where I live, I hesitate, because most people don’t know of Kumbia.  I usually ask if they know where Kingaroy is, mostly people in Queensland have heard of Kingaroy, it’s the peanut capital of Australia of course!  Kumbia is on the way from Kingaroy to Dalby, on the Kingaroy side of the Bunya Mountains, in the South Burnett region of Queensland Australia.  Its only a tiny town, with one wide main street. 

We don’t live in Kumbia itself, but our property is just on the edge of town, and we drive through Kumbia on the way to and from work each day.  Kumbia has one pub, a servo, a primary school and a police station.  There's also a butcher shop, a town hall, a church and a QWCA hall.  The population of the town is around 350 people.  Its only tiny, but it’s a sweet little community.  We love the servo, they hold our mail for us after Australia Post was not able to sort out delivery to our gate, and all my soap and beeswax parcels are posted from there.

Last weekend when we were driving through town, I stopped to take a few photos, so you can have a virtual tour of the town.  Kumbia was established in 1912 (its funny how late these areas were settled considering the first fleet landed in Sydney in 1787!).  We went to the centenary celebrations in the 2012.  There are several old shops on the main street that are now closed, but because its on the main highway from Kingaroy to Dalby, there is a steady stream of traffic.  There is also a free camping area in the middle of town.

Do you live in a tiny town?  Have you heard of Kumbia before?  









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  • Cute town. The buildings, remind me of the many small towns we have in the Lockyer Valley, and Granite Belt, too. I’m glad you shared a little bit more about Kumbia. :)

    Chris on

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