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Winter Woodfires: Using wood ash

Jun 21 2018 3 Comments Tags: ash, compost, soil, woodstove

As you know, through winter we heat our home and cook using a woodstove, so we produce lots of wood ash as a result.

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Our new woodstove

May 03 2017 0 Comments Tags: house, woodstove

Since we finally moved into our secondhand house, one of the top priorities was to get the woodstove ready for winter. In this post I share why we chose this particular woodstove and the other woodstoves that we've had in the past.

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Winter Woodfires: Cooking in a woodstove

Sep 28 2016 0 Comments Tags: real food, woodstove

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Did you know what you can get woodstoves that are designed for both heating your house and cooking? We've owned two woodstoves now, both with ovens under the fire box for cooking. I hardly ever use our...

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Choosing a woodstove for our new house

Jun 13 2016 0 Comments Tags: house, woodstove

As you know, we love our woodstove in winter!  We use it to heat the house and cook food as soon as the weather is cold enough.  We have tried the Nectre Baker's Oven in a previous house and currently have the Scandia Cuisine in our house at Eight Acres.  In our secondhand house we are going to need a woodstove.

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Woodstoves for heating and cooking

Aug 22 2014 0 Comments Tags: real food, woodstove

Lately its has been relatively cold and we have been lighting the woodstove to heat the house and using it to cook meals, so I wanted to share our woodstove story with you.
When Pete and I wanted to replace the old pot-belly stove in our little Queenslander about eight years ago (because it was unsafe and inefficient), we decided we wanted a woodstove that we could use for cooking as well as...

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Homemade realfood muesli bars (granola bars)

Jul 26 2013 0 Comments Tags: dehydrator, plastic, real food, snacks, woodstove

During Plastic Free Julywe have been saving any single-use plastic that would normally be thrown away, so that we can assess at the end of July just how much plastic we consume and how we could reduce that. Throughout the month I also tested ways that we may reduce that plastic as we go. This isn't a competition, its a learning experience, so its not cheating if you start to change some of your...

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