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I keep seeing that word Paleo pop up and I keep thinking I should really find out more about it, so when Penguin asked me if I would like to review Eat Drink Paleo The Cookbook (by Irena Macri), I said "yes please".  Irena has a blog of the same name and a passion for Paleo cooking.  Click here to visit Eat Drink Paleo The Cookbook .

eight acres: Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook review

While this book is a cookbook and does not get into the detail of Paleo (although Irena suggests a number of books to read if you want to know more) it does cover the basics and presents a wide range of recipes.  Basically, the aim of the Paleo lifestyle is to eat and exercise more like our distant ancestors would have done.  That means no processed foods, no grains and legumes, no potatoes and no dairy.  It also means lots of free-range meat and eggs, fresh veges and fruit and good oils like coconut and olive oil.  Its much like how we eat now, except we would have to give up grains and legumes (I only eat a small amount at the moment) and dairy and eat more coconut.

eight acres: Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook review
Paleo pumpkin soup

The only problem I have with Paleo is the amount of coconut that is featured.  I looked it up, Australia does not grow coconuts.  All coconut products are imported.  I don't mind using a little coconut here and there and supporting developing countries, but I don't want to live on it.  Meanwhile, I can raise a dairy cow and make my own dairy products, sustainably, on my farm.  Irena does promote what she calls a "80:20" approach to Paleo and she includes some dairy in her recipes.

eight acres: Eat Drink Paleo The Cookbook review
Paleo fritters

Whether you're attracted to Paleo because of the health benefits or you just want to try using some different ingredients, you will find this cookbook very interesting.  You will know from previous cook book reviews that I am hopeless at actually trying recipes.  Well I made an effort this time, encouraged by the fact that Irena actually instructs you to play around with the recipes.  That's fine with me, because I tend to use what I have rather than buying the exact ingredients.  And so far everything has turned out extremely tasty.

eight acres: Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook review
Paleo goat balls

I have made the paleo pumpkin soup (unfortunately not our pumpkin, but I did dig up some galangal and tumeric for the occasion!).  For the meatballs we used goat mince (not our own, from a local grower) and I forgot to add the ginger, but I threw in some purslane!  I made the fritters with left over homegrown chicken.  They were nice, but I wasn't convince with the tapioca flour.  I made the cakies and added cacao nibs, and a mixture of walnuts and pecans (almond meal is EXPENSIVE and we had a stash of nuts that needed cracking).  Apart from the fact that I burnt them (cooking in the BBQ is tricky, but I didn't want to heat the house with the oven), they were very tasty.

eight acres: Eat Drink Paleo The Cookbook review
Burnt cakies - my fault for insisting on using the BBQ

And finally, I got all Paleo and made my own recipe for coconut ice cream.  One can coconut cream, one can coconut milk, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp honey and 2 tbsp vanilla essence (homemade!).  I had to put it in the blender because the cream had gone a bit solid, then I churned it in our hand ice cream maker and put it in the freezer.  YUM!

 eight acres: Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook review
My own Paleo coconut ice cream

Irena has a very generous affiliate program, which I have joined, so I get a percentage from every book you buy through my link:  Click here to visit Eat Drink Paleo The Cookbook  I am quite proud of actually (kind of) trying some recipes from this book, and I found some that I really liked.  Maybe I should try using recipes more often....  As for Paleo, I think the way that we eat now is pretty close, but I'm going to read a few of the more detailed books that Irena suggests and see if I can be convinced.

What do you think of Paleo?  Have you tried any Paleo recipes?  Do you follow recipes?

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