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Book review: Modern Slow Cooker

Apr 05 2021 3 Comments Tags: book, book review, real food, slow cooker, vegetables

When I was sent a review copy of the book Modern Slow Cooker: 85 vegetarian and vegan recipes to make your life easy by the wonderful Alyce Alexandra, I was surprised so see it was all vegetable-based recipes, no meat at all. I have a few different slow cooker recipe books, and they are all meat-based.

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Soapmaking resources and books

May 02 2020 0 Comments Tags: book, soap

Soapmaking books and resources for beginners and advanced (addicted) soapmakers.

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Retrosuburbia - permaculture book review

Nov 05 2018 4 Comments Tags: book, book review, permaculture

David Holmgren's latest book "Retrosuburbia: The downshifters guide to a resilient future", is the manual that you need to see the potential of the suburban lifestyle.

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The Tool Book - book review

Aug 27 2018 1 Comment Tags: book

I always really enjoyed workshop classes at highschool, both wood and metal work were a lot of fun.  I just like making things I suppose.  I do remember one teacher must have been told that we had to also learn theory, so one lesson per week was spent (wasted) by copying out of a book on tools.  I specifically remember copying out a section on chisels, I would have much rather been using a chisel, so I don't have a good history with books on tools!  However, I was intrigued when Penguin asked me to review a new offering, The Tool Book: A Tool Lover's Guide to Over 200 Hand Tools (although the version I have is subtitled: The Australian companion to over 200 Hand Tools).

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The buzz about bees - book review

Jul 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: bees, book

The more I learn about the bees, the more I'm fascinated by them and amazed at the things that researchers have figured out! To be successful beekeepers we need to try to learn as much as we can about the bees in our care. Some of the books on beekeeping use a kind of rote learning approach and tell you exactly what to do with your bees, but they can't possibly cover every situation.

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Natural handmade tallow soap recipe: Goats milk and honey

Jul 17 2017 2 Comments Tags: book, soap

I've been wanting to try making soap with milk for ages. We haven't been milking our cows, so I was waiting for a friend to have enough goat's milk to spare. I know I could just buy milk, but that seemed like a strange thing to do (you start to forget that milk comes from the shop when you've been milking a cow for a few years!). Anyway, I was happy to wait as I had plenty of other soap to make.

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