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One straw revolutionary - translating the translation

Jan 23 2017 0 Comments Tags: book, permaculture

The One-Straw Revolution is a popular book with alternative farmers, but it can be difficult to understand without the broader context of Japanese farming in the 1970s.  This book by the original translator helps to put the first book in perspective.

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Amongst the gum trees

Oct 17 2016 0 Comments Tags: Australia, book, firewood, trees

I love the gum trees on our property, but I only recently realised that so many of the trees ARE gum trees.  I was lucky enough to pick up a book called Gum: the story of eucalypts and their championsby Ashley Hay (affiliate link), that our local library was selling off, so I only paid $2 for it, but its a great little book. I was hoping to learn about gum trees and how to identify the different...

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Soapmaking resources and books

Aug 15 2016 0 Comments Tags: book, soap

Soapmaking books and resources for beginners and advanced (addicted) soapmakers.

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Book review: Organic Farming with Worms

Feb 15 2016 0 Comments Tags: biological farming, book, soil, sustainable, worm farm

I've had a compost worm farm for several years now. Actually I currently have three worm farms. They are a little addictive! I didn't know anything about compost worms before I got them, but I fell in love with the concept of having somewhere to dispose all our organic (vegetative) waste that would also reliably produce compost and liquid fertiliser. The worms and I have been very happy with our...

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The Hands on Home - Book review

Jan 13 2016 0 Comments Tags: book, chemicals, too much information

I wasn't sure if I would like The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving & Natural Homekeeping, by Erica Strauss, so I requested it from the library rather than buy it.  I really shouldn't have been surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it, as I have been following Erica's blog Northwest Edible Lifeand she always explains interesting and complex concepts with a dose of humour and...

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Swallow this - book review

Nov 25 2015 0 Comments Tags: book, real food

In Joanna Blythman's book "Swallow This", the author has somehow gained access to the food industry's inner circle. She attends trade shows and obtains information about the hidden ingredients in processed food that you will find shocking. The food industry is onto us consumers, they know that we are reading labels and avoiding weird ingredients and anything with a number, so their latest...

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