How to trim chicken wing feathers

by Liz Beavis
Uh-oh someone keeps flying into my vege garden and scuffing up all the mulch.....  Doesn't she look innocent!  I caught her twice, so it was time to trim her wing feathers to stop her flying over the fence.

Step 1: chase the chicken around the garden until you finally catch her

Step 2: go into the house and find your best sharp sewing scissors.  Do not put the chicken down, otherwise you have to do step 1 again.  If necessary take the chicken into the house with you.

Step 3: extend one wing and trim all the longer feathers.  I usually just trim one wing, that makes the chicken unstable.  If you trim both wings, sometimes they can still fly high enough to get into mischief.

Step 4: release the chicken and hope you don't find her in the garden again....

Do you trim chicken wing feathers?  Any tips?

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