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Mobile chicken tractors vs fixed pen

Jan 22 2018 0 Comments Tags: chicken tractors, chickens

Comparing chickens in a fixed pen to keeping chickens in a chicken tractor.

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Dealing with broody hens

Oct 19 2017 2 Comments Tags: broody hen, chicken tractor, chickens, ebook, eggs

Occasionally one of our hens goes broody, which puts the other hens off laying and is generally a pain unless you want her to hatch some fertile eggs.  This is what we do to break a broody hen.

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Harvesting water for the house and animals (2016 update)

Nov 30 2016 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, cattle, chickens, garden, water

When I first wrote this post back in 2011, Queensland had too much water, but usually water is very precious to us. Being in a rural area, we rely on our own rainwater supplies for drinking water and septic to treat our sewerage. I’m quite happy with that arrangement, as it means we don’t have to drink the unnecessary levels of fluoride and chlorine in town water. It also means that we have to...

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Guest post: Three Things To Ask Yourself Before Getting Backyard Chickens

Nov 23 2016 0 Comments Tags: chickens

It’s not hard to see why backyard chicken-keeping has become increasingly popular. Raising chickens comes with a host of benefits — whether it be eggs, meat, or companionship. However, if you’re looking to keep your own flock, there’s a lot to know before you get started. No matter what reason drives you to get chickens, ask yourself the following questions...

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The story of our turkeys - from eggs to roast

Sep 14 2016 0 Comments Tags: chickens, turkeys

The turkeys arrived at our property as 12 eggs, bursting out of an egg cartoon (being larger than chicken eggs), towards the end of June 2010.  We put them all straight into the incubator and 28 days later 4 chicks hatched.  They were just like chicken chicks, maybe a little bigger, but just as cute.

Turkey chicks look like chicken chicks - very cute!
The turkeys got bigger quickly and soon stopping...

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How to use diatomaceous earth on the homestead

Aug 26 2016 1 Comment Tags: cattle, chemicals, chickens, diatomaceous earth, parasites

We generally try to avoid unnecessary chemicals, but one area in which we've been slow to find alternatives is with our animals. Until a few years ago, we were regularly drenching the cattle with ivermectin, dosing the dogs with flea treatments and wormers and occasionally had to dip all the chickens in malthison so get rid of lice. Since we got our milking cow, Bella, we became even more...

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