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Everything I know about making yoghurt

Dec 13 2017 1 Comment Tags: cow, dairy, milk, yoghurt

This is everything I've learnt about making yoghurt from powdered milk, raw milk, pasteurised milk and coconut milk!

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How to make coconut yoghurt

Jun 19 2017 0 Comments Tags: fermented, yoghurt

Lately I have been cutting back on eating dairy.  I know, I know, we own two house cows!  But I am trying to heal inflammation (bad skin) and dairy is one of the possible triggers, so as a last resort and after much resistance, I decided I had better try to cut back.  Its been hard because I eat a LOT of cheese, and cook with butter, and love to eat yoghurt.  I found an alternative, and it is coconut yoghurt!

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How to make raw milk yoghurt

Apr 05 2013 0 Comments Tags: dairy, Nourishing Traditions, raw milk, yoghurt

There are lots of good reasons to make yoghurt from raw milk, and the main one for me was not having to spend time pasteurising the milk from our house cow!  This is the method that I use now.

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Nourishing Traditions review - mastering the basics

Feb 24 2012 0 Comments Tags: cheese, dairy, fermented, kefir, Nourishing Traditions, raw milk, real food, salad, sprouts, stock, whey, yoghurt

Previously I started to review the introduction to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.  In this post I'll start on the first real chapter of recipes, called Mastering the Basics, which includes cultured dairy, sprouts, stocks, sauces and salad dressings.

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Raw milk and a cheese-making course

Jul 04 2011 0 Comments Tags: butter, cheese, cow, dairy, milk, yoghurt

Now that we have Bella our house cow, we have the option of drinking raw whole milk instead of pasturised, homoginised supermarket milk.  In Australia it is illegal to sell raw milk, but its not illegal to drink raw milk from your own house cow.

As explained here, there are good reasons not to drink raw milk from commercial dairies. These dairies are producing milk that is intended to be...

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How to make yoghurt from powdered milk

May 20 2011 5 Comments Tags: cow, milk, yoghurt

I finally decided to stop being so lazy and have a go at using milk powder to make yoghurt (as described previously), instead of relying on the EasiYo packet. I had a large bag of powdered milk in the cupboard that I bought during the flood-crisis here over summer, so it was time to use it up. I have now made several batches of yoghurt using only the powdered milk, so I can report that it is just...

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