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Secondhand house update: aren't you finished yet?

Jan 16 2017 0 Comments Tags: house, renovation, second hand

If it feels like its taking us a LONG time to finish our house, it is.  We first saw the house in December 2012.  It was moved to our property on the back of a truck in July 2013 (full tour with BEFORE photos here).  We got council approval for it in July 2014.  Then we replaced the roof, and started working on stripping back each room (including removing floor coverings, asbestos, all fittings...

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Threading an overlocker

May 18 2015 2 Comments Tags: second hand, sewing

I’ve had my eye out for a secondhand overlocker for a while, and when one popped up in our local buy/swap/sell group (has everyone joined one of these on facebook? They are great fun, Pete and I play out that scene from “The Castle” regularly!). Anyway, it was only $30 and it looked OK, so I claimed it, and I picked it up in the weekend. I actually said to Pete “how hard can it be? Surely between...

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Moving house!

Jul 31 2013 1 Comment Tags: Cheslyn Rise, house, second hand

Back in December we bought a house. Not a house and land, just a house that someone didn't want on their land any more. The house is a "Queenslander" style, which means its up on stumps to keep out the snakes, termites and flood waters, and it once had a wrap-around veranda, which is now half built-in, but still very generous..

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Dump shop finds

Jan 25 2012 0 Comments Tags: recycling, reuse, second hand, waste

When we took our old BBQ to the dump I had a an opportunity for a quick look through the dump shop.  (I should also point out that the only reason we didn't put the BBQ on freecycleis that we took off the wheels and the hot plate for upcycling, and the burners were very rusty, so it was better off as scrap). The dump shop is even cheaper than op shops and you can find some really unexpected things...

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