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The solar bore pump

Aug 05 2015 9 Comments Tags: bore, Cheslyn Rise, renewable resources, solar, water

Windmills were once ubiquitous in the rural landscape, but you might have noticed something new appearing in their place. Increasingly farmers are choosing to replace old windmills and equip new bores and dams with solar panels instead.

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Can't buy me rain....

Mar 19 2014 0 Comments Tags: Cheslyn Rise, drought

We have only owned our farm since March 2012 and I think I’ve figured out the problem with farming already. The problem is that the most crucial input, the weather, is completely out of the farmer’s control! Not only that, it seems to be impossible to predict accurately. Some years will be average, some will be amazing and some will be awful, and you never know what you’re going to get, but you...

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Improving our cattle yards

Nov 20 2013 0 Comments Tags: cattle, Cheslyn Rise

When we bought Cheslyn Rise, we thought we had purchased a property with a really good, solid set of wooden cattle yards.  It wasn't until we worked the cattle in the yards a few times that we realised there were a few problems with the layout.  It is very important to have yards that are easy to work in, this leads to less stress for the cattle and the people, and makes the whole exercise safer.

eight acres: Some thoughts on improving cattle yards for safer working

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Moving house!

Jul 31 2013 0 Comments Tags: Cheslyn Rise, house, second hand

Back in December we bought a house. Not a house and land, just a house that someone didn't want on their land any more. The house is a "Queenslander" style, which means its up on stumps to keep out the snakes, termites and flood waters, and it once had a wrap-around veranda, which is now half built-in, but still very generous..

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Planning our property - Keyline design

Jul 22 2013 1 Comment Tags: Cheslyn Rise, design from patterns to details, permaculture, water

A concept that is mentioned frequently in permaculture is “keyline”. I started reading about it when I reviewed “catch and store energy”, but I got stuck, and now that I’m up to “design from patterns to detail”, I thought that I'd better figure it out.

What is keyline?
P. A. Yeoman (1904 – 1984) was an Australian engineer and agronomist who lived and worked in New South Wales. He observed how...

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Brafords - a versatile Queensland breed

Jan 09 2013 0 Comments Tags: Braford, cattle, Cheslyn Rise

It may seem strange that we bought our herd of Braford cows without knowing much about the breed, but when we decided that we wanted to buy cows, it was more important to us to find a herd of a consistent breed in the local area on a (cattle) tick-free property, than worry about specific breeds. If we had done all the research at the start and had our heart set on a breed, chances are we would...

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