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We put solar panels on our shed roof

Mar 08 2021 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, energy, solar

We have been talking about getting solar for about 10 years and last week our electrician came to set up our new system. I'll tell you all about the system that we chose, but first a bit of background

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The air-conditioning dilemma

Oct 12 2017 2 Comments Tags: air conditioning, catch and store energy, house

If you live in a hot house, don’t feel bad for using air conditioning! There are a few things you can do to make your house more comfortable, but at the same time, its difficult to overcome the original design.  So far our secondhand house has been cool enough without air conditioning, but we were pretty carefully to position it to take advantage of passive solar design and hilltop breezes.

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Harvesting water for the house and animals

Nov 30 2016 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, cattle, chickens, garden, water

When I first wrote this post back in 2011, Queensland had too much water, but usually water is very precious to us. Being in a rural area, we rely on our own rainwater supplies for drinking water and septic to treat our sewerage. I’m quite happy with that arrangement, as it means we don’t have to drink the unnecessary levels of fluoride and chlorine in town water. It also means that we have to...

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Passive heating and cooling

Feb 25 2013 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, house, permaculture

One of the places that this principle can be applied is within the home. In most homes, the largest use of energy is in either heating or cooling the house to a comfortable temperature. This can be achieved for free by considering the orientation of the house and the building materials.

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Perennial plants and trees - a food forest

Feb 22 2013 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, food forest, perennial, permaculture

Ideas for creating a perennial food forest - saving seeds, planting  perennials and non-food trees.

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Permaculture - Catch and Store Energy

Feb 11 2013 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, permaculture

In his book Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability, David Holmgren, one of the founders of permaculture, has written about 12 design principles.  Catch and Store energy is the second permaculture principle.  In this post I summarise this chapter and give examples from my own experience.

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