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Fermented fizzy drinks

May 10 2013 0 Comments Tags: beverage, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, real food

I’ve never really enjoyed commercial fizzy drinks.  They are usually too sweet and too fizzy for my taste.  Apart from the fact that I don’t actually enjoy them, the artificial colours and flavours in just about every commercial fizzy drink also put me off.  Then I discovered fermentedfizzy drinks, more from a desire to use the sour whey from making cream cheese, than wanting to create a fizzy...

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Fermented lemon and barley drink

Jan 18 2013 0 Comments Tags: beverage, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, real food

I don't know if lemon and barley is so common here in Australia, but growing up in NZ, I remember drinking lemon and barley flavoured powdered drinks (I don't know if powdered drinks are even that popular in Aus, seems to be all about cordial here). Anyway, it goes without saying that I don't drink anything powdered (or cordial) anymore, but when I saw a recipe for barley water in Nourishing...

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Beet Kvass - more fermented beverages!

Jul 13 2012 0 Comments Tags: beetroot, beverage, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, real food

I've been wanting to try making beet kvass for ages, not that I knew what it tastes like, but I like beetroot and I like fermented beverages, so I thought it would be nice.  I finally managed to get some organic beetroot to make it with, unfortunately mine don't seem to be growing very quickly, but the local organic store at the market had lots this week. 

I followed the recipe in Nourishing...

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Nourishing Traditions - snacks, desserts and "superfoods"

Jun 15 2012 0 Comments Tags: beverage, dessert, Nourishing Traditions, real food, snacks

I have been writing about Nourishing Traditions for a few months now, explaining how I have interpreted the chapters and the recipes that I've found useful.  Reading it again has been really good, I've noticed more recipes that I'd like to try and reminded myself of things I want to make as soon as various produce is in season.

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Ginger ale vs. ginger beer

Mar 09 2012 0 Comments Tags: beverage, fermented, ginger, Nourishing Traditions, real food

My mother in law gave us a big bag of ginger, some of it had sprouted, ready for planting, but there was plenty of pieces, so I decided to make ginger ale, no, ginger beer, I couldn't decide, so I made one batch of each to compare.  I can't wait to grow my own ginger so I can make these regularly (have planted the left over ginger in a large pot).

Ginger beer
Following the instructions in Nourishing...

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More nose trusting - Citrus lactic-fermented drink

Jan 06 2012 0 Comments Tags: beverage, fermented, Nourishing Traditions, real food

As I posted a few weeks ago, I've been trying some fermented food recipes, but its been a nerve-wracking experience due to not knowing what these foods are supposed to taste like, I've just been trying to "trust my nose" and only eat things that don't smell bad!

We tried "lemon wine" at the cheese-making course, so at least I'd tried a fermented beverage.  We will go to another courseto learn how...

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