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Book review: Waste Not - make a big difference by throwing less away

Mar 16 2019 0 Comments Tags: book review, plastic, waste

I have been following Erin Rhoad's blog The Rogue Ginger for years, and I love her clever tips for reducing waste.  I was pretty happy to find her book Waste Not at the airport, something to read on a long flight and enjoy while on holiday.

Overall, I enjoyed the practical advice (you know it all comes from Erin's personal experience).  The small steps will help someone completely new to the concept to get started without becoming overwhelmed.  The solutions are equally parts DIY and how to buy, so if you don't have time to make everything you can choose to buy, but if you can't afford to buy everything you can choose to make your own.  The photography really is stunning and helps to illustrate the tools, tips and tricks.

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Insulation for our house

Jun 24 2013 0 Comments Tags: house, waste

As I discussed in an earlier post, we have tried to use passive solar principles to position our new (secondhand) houseat Cheslyn Rise to take advantage of the sun’s heat in winter and to shade the house in summer. The other technique we can use to regulate the temperature in the house is insulation.

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Finger-crocheted rag rug from old t-shirts

Jun 21 2013 0 Comments Tags: craft, waste

Recently I've noticed lots of posts on rag rugs, or maybe they just caught my attention because we need new bath mats, I had read a few quickly, it looked easy enough, so when I saw fill a bag for $1 at the op-shop I decided to choose some t-shirts to make myself a rug. When I went back to look at the rug instructions, I was amazed to find all the different techniques, I found at least five...

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Making a meal of it - book review

Jun 14 2013 0 Comments Tags: book, food, waste

Do sometimes find yourself with a glut of something that you need to use up?  Or with a little bit of left-over something?  I was sent a book to review by Wakefield Press called "Making a Meal of it", by Jane Willcox and Rosemary Cadden, and they really have thought of a lot of ways to make meals that prevent food waste.  Its not just about veges either, they also include meat, cheese and eggs.


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Permaculture - Produce no waste

Jun 10 2013 0 Comments Tags: permaculture, waste

In his book Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability, David Holmgren, one of the founders of permaculture, has written about 12 design principles.  The sixth permaculture principle is Produce no waste.  In this post I summarise this chapter and give examples from my own experience.

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Composting can be simple!

Feb 06 2012 0 Comments Tags: compost, garden, waste

As I've mentioned previously, I used to think that making compost was impossible, but I tried again anyway, and so far I've had no trouble.  Recently I've been using lots of compost, so I want to encourage you to use your greenwaste productively too, and not just throw it away.  Here's a great overviewto get you started. I want to tell you what I do, as I don't follow all the instructions exactly,...

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