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Preserving the harvest

Apr 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: dehydrator, fermented, garden, preserving, self sufficiency, vegetables

Here's a post originally from 2012. It is interesting to read this again now, as I've lately been finding that I can grow a productive and varied vege garden for most of the year, so a lot of the veges that I had preserved were not getting used up anyway. I prefer to use things up while they are fresh, but there are advantages to fermenting food and few things that I do want to use year-round,...

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Living in the city isn't ALL bad

Apr 06 2016 0 Comments Tags: city, frugal, self sufficiency, simple life

Wow its good to be home on the farm!  After two and a half years of part time city-living, I was nearly getting used to it, but I was missing the country.  Each weekend I would head home early Friday afternoon and it was a massive relief to turn off the motorway and get out into farmland.

eight acres: some things that I enjoyed about my time in the city
Smell ya later Brisbane!

Access to alternative health services
When I first came to Brisbane I made a commitment...

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Five acres and a dream - book review

Feb 25 2015 0 Comments Tags: book, self sufficiency

Starting a homestead, or just living more sustainably where you are, is a daunting project. There are so many factors to think through. First you might get chickens to provide eggs, but then you have to think about what you will feed them, do you want to rely of store bought feed or try to grow your own? Are you going to hatch your own to replace the layers as they get old? With an electric...

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Lavender wheat heat packs

Jun 30 2014 0 Comments Tags: herbs, self sufficiency

Soon after the invention of the microwave someone must have realised that you could microwave a small sack of wheat and use it to keep people warm. I remember seeing them in physio clinics in the early 90s. I wonder who first had the idea! I first made one when I was at university, living in a small cold house and too cheap to pay for heating. Sometimes I would get up in the middle of the night,...

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How to rebatch soap in a slow cooker

May 28 2014 0 Comments Tags: self sufficiency, soap

How to rebatch soap when something goes wrong - using the hot process method.

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Meal worms for chickens

Aug 19 2013 0 Comments Tags: chickens, feed, self sufficiency

One of our goals is to set up our farm to be self-sufficient, mainly because that the cheapest way to do things, and also because it means that we don't have to rely on external sources to provide what we need. A weak point is the chickens. Even though they provide us with plenty of tasty eggs and meat, we still have to buy grain to feed them, so that's not exactly a self-sufficient system.

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