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The Raw Milk Answer Book - book review

Oct 19 2015 0 Comments Tags: book review, raw milk

I never realised that raw milk was so controversial until after we got our house cow Bella and I found out that we couldn't share her milk. I know most people get a house cow BECAUSE they want raw milk, but we were just interested in milk in general, I hadn't really thought about the fact that it would be raw. We were happy to drink it raw and make cheese with the raw milk. It was until I started...

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Raw milk and kefir

Jan 14 2015 0 Comments Tags: kefir, raw milk

If you are interested in raw milk in Australia, please see the post on my other blog:

Even if you are not personally interested in buying and consuming raw milk, this story has implications for everyone's right to chose what we eat and drink. Most of the media show very little understanding of the complexity of raw milk and tend to portray it as “toxic” and those who would drink raw milk as...

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How to make raw milk yoghurt

Apr 05 2013 0 Comments Tags: dairy, Nourishing Traditions, raw milk, yoghurt

There are lots of good reasons to make yoghurt from raw milk, and the main one for me was not having to spend time pasteurising the milk from our house cow!  This is the method that I use now.

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Nourishing Traditions review - mastering the basics

Feb 24 2012 0 Comments Tags: cheese, dairy, fermented, kefir, Nourishing Traditions, raw milk, real food, salad, sprouts, stock, whey, yoghurt

Previously I started to review the introduction to Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig.  In this post I'll start on the first real chapter of recipes, called Mastering the Basics, which includes cultured dairy, sprouts, stocks, sauces and salad dressings.

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Raw milk update

Aug 18 2011 0 Comments Tags: cow, dairy, raw milk

Following on from my post from the other day about raw milk, a friend who works in the food regulation area sent me some great links from NZ.

Firstly, NZ takes a risk management approachand allows farmers to sell up to 5L of milk directly to customers for their personal consumption. This is a very sensible approach that allows farmers and consumers to get what they want, raw milk direct to...

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Raw milk - more complicated than I expected!

Aug 01 2011 0 Comments Tags: conspiracy, cow, dairy, milk, raw milk

I had no idea that raw milk was so controversial!  It seemed simple to me at first, babies drink raw milk from their mums, calves drink raw milk from cows, every dairy farmer I know drinks raw cows milk themselves, so why shouldn't we all drink raw milk if we have access to it?  Unfortunately there's no simple answer, just more questions.  I've just read "The raw milk revolution" by David E....

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