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Cheese-making tips and tricks

Mar 21 2014 0 Comments Tags: cheese, dairy, milk

We have lots of milk again, since Molly calved, but we never had much time for cheese-making, so here are a few tips that you might find useful when you need to make cheese in a hurry.

Make one big cheese rather than several smaller ones
We realised that most of the time involved in cheese making is all the heating and stirring. We decided to make the largest possible cheese, using our 10 L and 7 L...

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Waxing cheese

Nov 15 2013 0 Comments Tags: cheese, dairy

Up until recently we vacuumed sealed all our cheeses. This seemed like a terrible waste of the plastic bags, as you can't really use them again, and as our vacuum sealer lives at the back of a kitchen cupboard, it was also a real pain. I had a chunk of cheese wax, but I was too scared to use it. Then when Molly had her first calf, I was making so much cheese, I decided to just give waxing a go. I...

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Getting started with homestead dairy - Gavin from the Greening of Gavin

Oct 30 2013 0 Comments Tags: cheese, dairy, getting started, Greening of Gavin, interview

Over the past few weeks I've interviewed small farmers who milk cows, goats and even a sheep, and now, in the last interview of the series, I have an interview with urban-farmer Gavin from the blogs The Greening of Gavin and of course, The Little Green Cheese, in which he documents his cheese-making tips and successes. Gavin may not keep his own milking animal, but he certainly knows what to do...

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Maturing cheese in a cheese fridge

Aug 02 2013 0 Comments Tags: cheese

When our cows first calve, we have to milk them daily and end up with so much milk, we nearly have to make a cheese daily to keep up! The occasional cheese can be matured in the back of a normal fridge. Sure the temperature is a bit low for proper maturation, but there's no point turning on another fridge just for one or two cheeses. But when we start to have 10 or 20 cheeses, we need the cheese...

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Quick cheese for busy people

May 24 2013 0 Comments Tags: cheese, cow, house cow, milking

Its funny how having a cow changes your perspective on life.  For most people, getting good quality milk is the limiting factor for their cheese-making activities, because its expensive and can be hard to find.  Not me, I don't have any shortage of beautiful fresh raw creamy jersey milk, but I don't have time to make a cheese every day!

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Cheese making basics

Oct 12 2012 0 Comments Tags: cheese, cow, fermented, house cow, milking

Now that we have lots of milk again, its time to make cheese! At first Bella gave us about 12 L a day, but now Romeo is taking as much as he wants, we get about 2 L for Benny and a little extra for ourselves. If we want more, we have to lock up Romeo overnight, more about share milking another day, I want to explain a bit about cheese, so just pretend I'm still getting lots of milk! I use about 1...

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