Farmer Pete and the new property

by Farmer Liz
When I started this blog, I didn't know what my husband would think of it, and I didn't know if he would particularly want to feature it in, so I kept his name anonymous at first.  As he's seen what the blog is about and how nice it is to share our thoughts, our plans, our successes and our mishaps, he's been keen to get more involved.  In particular after my 1-year-blogoversary post when everyone said how much I had done, he was quick to point out to me the role that he had played too!

Now that we have our larger property, it seems time to introduce you to Farmer Pete, principle tractor driver, chicken wrangler, fire wood chopper, metal fabricator, cattle herder, paddock slasher and excellent husband that he is, there's no way I could do any of this without him, so I want you to know that its not just me doing all the work.  He even hangs out the washing, cleans the toilet and cooks dinner!


Here's some photos of the work Farmer Pete has been doing on the new property.  We have learnt so much about tractors, hay and cultivation over the last few weeks!  While he's been on the tractor, I've been reading the tractor service manual and Joel Salatin's book "Salad Bar Beef".

checking out some cultivation work
While Farmer Pete was ploughing, we went for a walk around the property

piles of future firewood

checking things out

I think these are Sugar Gums

and these are Narrow Leaf Iron Bark

more firewood

catching up

the ultimate hugelkultur!


showing me the way


stock yards

the driveway

worn out!

and waiting to play ball later on


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