Pure Raw Australian Honey - buy in bulk to save

Pure Raw Australian Honey - buy in bulk to save
natural honey
natural honey

Pure Raw Australian Honey - buy in bulk to save

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Honey fresh from our beehives - raw and unprocessed

Our raw Australian honey is not heat-treated, it is only filtered, so the fragile enzymes and micro-nutrients in the honey are not damaged during processing. It also contains minute particles of beeswax and pollen - some people find this helps with hay fever and allergies (it does also cause the honey to go candied over time, but it can be gently reheated to make it runny again).

Unlike the big commercial beekeepers, we don't move our beehives, they stay on our property, so the bees are less stressed and we don't use fuel moving them all over the country. We endeavour to only take honey that is excess to our bees, and leave them enough to get through winter. If we get this wrong, we only feed them sugar when NOTHING is flowering, just to keep the bees alive until the next nectar flow. 

We don't use any chemicals in or around our beehives. This includes not using any insecticides and antibiotics in the hives, herbicides around the hives and copper napthalate to treat the beehive boxes. As we are a small operation, we can take the time to manage pests and diseases in our hives using natural methods such as trapping Small Hive Beetles in diatomaceous earth. We use beeswax and linseed oil to treat the wood of our boxes and make them last longer.

(You can read more about our beekeeping practices on the blog here)

The taste of our honey changes with the season as our bees bring in nectar from seasonal wildflowers and native trees on our property and in our local area. The colour also ranges from light through to very dark honey. Enjoy the unique taste of our honey rather than the mass-produced homogenous honey from the big producers.

Available in 1kg pails & 500g squeezy bottles, while stocks last!

Note: we can't send honey to WA or Tasmania due to biosecurity restrictions. Any orders from these states will be refunded.

I use Australia Post for all orders. I pack orders in compostable packaging - either cardboard boxes or compostable mailer bags.

Postage is calculated by weight - 500g is $10, 1kg $13, 3kg is $18 and up to 5kg is $21. I need to allow some extra weight for packaging - so for example 1kg of product will be shipped at the 3kg rate.

You will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as I have packed your order, however I may not drop it off at the post office until the following day.

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