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A winter linen shawl

Apr 13 2020 1 Comment Tags: crochet, winter

I had found the yarn at the haberdashery stall at the local market. It is called "winter linen" - 26% linen, 46% wool and 26% acrylic in 50g balls of uneven chunky weight. I didn't have a pattern, I just played with it for a while and then freestyled a shawl. This is my record of how I made the shawl (I'm not good at reading or writing patterns, but I'm trying!).

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Frost - what is it and how to manage it

Jul 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: climate, frost, winter

People are often surprised that we get frost here in Queensland.  Sure, the majority of Queensland is typically frost free, but here in the South East corner we can experience frost, with some inland areas around Charleville having 40-50 frost days every year.  And certainly if you live in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, and southern parts of SA and WA, you can expect a few frost days too..

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Why do chickens stop laying eggs in winter?

May 20 2018 0 Comments Tags: chickens, eggs, winter

Chickens naturally stop laying eggs in winter.  Actually when you think about it, the fact that they lay an egg a day for so much of the year is completely unnatural.  Birds in the wild will only lay a few eggs until they have a clutch to hatch, but we have bred chickens to just keep laying every day, no wonder they need a break!

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Combining knitting and crochet to make a shawlette

Apr 09 2018 2 Comments Tags: crochet, knitting, winter

 On a recent trip to New Zealand I was tempted by some beautiful yarn.  Both the colours (blue, green and brown) and the texture attracted me.  Woven from merino, silk and possum, it is soft, light and incredibly warm.  You did read correctly, in New Zealand the possum was introduced from Australia and is considered a pest, so it is quite common to find possum pelts for sale, as well as possum fur woven into yarn.  This is a win for everyone, it controls a pest animal while making lovely yarn!     Having bought this yarn I really wanted...

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Baby hat pattern and a new crochet stitch

Aug 22 2016 0 Comments Tags: crochet, knitting, winter

I've been doing a bit of crochet lately.  Mainly because I've been working on a lacey alpaca shawl and the pattern is so complicated that its not really fun to knit.  I love the way it looks, but I don't really enjoy the stress of getting the pattern right.  This leads to procrastination, which leads to a simple crochet project (or two.. ok three).

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Knitting and crocheting update

May 04 2016 0 Comments Tags: craft, crochet, knitting, winter

I put my knitting away over summer because its just too hot to think about wool, and usually with the longer days there's not much time so spend sitting around.  Now as we come into winter (although our forecast is for 28degC today!  But I will pretend it is getting cooler!), I have sorted out all my half-finished knitting and crochet projects and I'm ready to start working on something again.

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