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Plastic rainwater tanks - neutralising drinking water

Jul 16 2014 0 Comments Tags: water

I realised that the rainwater in our new plastic water tanks was acidic when I wanted to test our garden soil pH and I couldn't get the pH meter to work properly.  I thought it was broken.  I recalibrated it several times, and still it was reading below pH 5 on water from the tap.  After some research, I realised that the pH meter wasn't broken, our rainwater really is that acidic.

the water before...

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Bore water for small farms

Jun 20 2014 0 Comments Tags: water

"As I’ve written previously, secure water on your small farm is one of the most important inputs no matter if you just want a small vegetable garden or to keep livestock as well. One option is dam water, but on some properties the soil doesn’t hold water, and if you don’t get regular rain, dams can dry up.

If you can find good bore water on your property, you are guaranteed a supply of water, even...

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Project water tank shuffle - How to move a water tank

Feb 24 2014 0 Comments Tags: water

We finally decided it was time to replace our old water tanks. We've known we would need to do this since we moved in about four years ago. The first week we owned the house, Pete was whipper snipping around the tanks and they sprung several leaks! Since then we have regularly dealt with leaks by drilling in a tek screw. They were gradually getting worse, and we recently had a hail storm that...

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Water for small farms

Oct 28 2013 0 Comments Tags: farm, water

If you are interested in growing anything on your small farm, whether its just a vegetable garden, an orchard, or you want to keep some animals, you’re going to need to organise a source of water.  I've written an article on this topic for Farm Style, so pop over there to read the rest and leave any questions or comments here.

Cheryl swimming and Chime not swimming in one of...

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Using chicken drinker nipples

Sep 30 2013 0 Comments Tags: chicken tractors, chickens, water

Until recently our “chicken watering system” was just buckets of water in each chicken tractor. One bucket for every 3-4 chickens, and 3-4 buckets of fresh water to top them up each day. We don’t have any taps in the paddock with the chickens, so this meant carrying water from the house tap to the chickens, a few hundred metres of walking for each load of buckets (welcome to the green gym).

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Planning our property - Keyline design

Jul 22 2013 1 Comment Tags: Cheslyn Rise, design from patterns to details, permaculture, water

A concept that is mentioned frequently in permaculture is “keyline”. I started reading about it when I reviewed “catch and store energy”, but I got stuck, and now that I’m up to “design from patterns to detail”, I thought that I'd better figure it out.

What is keyline?
P. A. Yeoman (1904 – 1984) was an Australian engineer and agronomist who lived and worked in New South Wales. He observed how...

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