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Water for stock - setting up a dam pump

Oct 24 2017 3 Comments Tags: dams, farm, water

When we have cattle in our stock yards set up water troughs in the yard, which we fill from a nearby dam using a firefighter pump.  This is how we set up the pump suction and discharge when pumping from a farm dam to a water trough.

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Water the garden while you're away (2016 update)

Dec 12 2016 0 Comments Tags: garden, water

This is a method that I use in hot weather so that I don't have to water every day.  With the holiday season coming up, the hardest thing about going on holiday is leaving my garden, particularly in hot weather, as I worry that it will dry out and all my hard work will whither and die.  We pay someone to come and check on the animals, but as we use grey water for the garden, if we're not home,...

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Harvesting water for the house and animals

Nov 30 2016 0 Comments Tags: catch and store energy, cattle, chickens, garden, water

When I first wrote this post back in 2011, Queensland had too much water, but usually water is very precious to us. Being in a rural area, we rely on our own rainwater supplies for drinking water and septic to treat our sewerage. I’m quite happy with that arrangement, as it means we don’t have to drink the unnecessary levels of fluoride and chlorine in town water. It also means that we have to...

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The solar bore pump

Aug 05 2015 1 Comment Tags: bore, Cheslyn Rise, renewable resources, solar, water

Windmills were once ubiquitous in the rural landscape, but you might have noticed something new appearing in their place. Increasingly farmers are choosing to replace old windmills and equip new bores and dams with solar panels instead.

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Using compression fittings on poly ag pipe

Feb 18 2015 0 Comments Tags: water

If you want to move water from one place to another on your property, you will probably use poly pipe, or "ag" (agricultural) pipe. Ag pipe comes in a range of sizes, from 3/4 inch to 2 inch nominal diameter, and in high and low pressure ratings (900 and 800 kPa respectively). 

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Basic water quality testing

Nov 21 2014 0 Comments Tags: water

When buying a property is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that any water is good water. Unfortunately we learnt this the hard way. When we bought our property at Nanango, we thought the dam looked good and we would have plenty of water for the cattle, chooks and garden. The day we moved in with all our animals, our neighbour dropped by to tell us that our dam was saline. According to our...

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