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Book review: Modern Slow Cooker

Apr 05 2021 3 Comments Tags: book, book review, real food, slow cooker, vegetables

When I was sent a review copy of the book Modern Slow Cooker: 85 vegetarian and vegan recipes to make your life easy by the wonderful Alyce Alexandra, I was surprised so see it was all vegetable-based recipes, no meat at all. I have a few different slow cooker recipe books, and they are all meat-based.

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Weird vegetables in my sub-tropical garden

Apr 24 2020 1 Comment Tags: climate, garden, vegetables

I've had some questions about the weird vegetables in my sub-tropical food garden, so here are some details for you.  I tend to try to find vegetables that grow well in the sub-tropics.  Perennial plants are ideal, but there are also a few unusual annuals that I grow. I have received most of these as cuttings or seeds from friends and neighbours.

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Tips for starting vegetables from seeds

Apr 22 2020 1 Comment Tags: garden, seeds, vegetables

Its time to start planting for spring, and the cheapest way to grow your own vegetables is ito start from seeds (and even cheaper if you save those seeds yourself), rather than buying seedlings. Here are a few tips for starting seeds.

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Does growing vegetables save you money?

Oct 10 2017 1 Comment Tags: frugal, garden, simple, vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can save you money if you're smart about it, here's what I think you can do to get off to a good start....

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Pot garden progress

Aug 28 2017 0 Comments Tags: garden, herbs, vegetables

I'm still here! I just got distracted by making a new soap website and I couldn't decide where to post this. But I'm not ready to move just yet. I wanted to show you my pot garden as I've been pleasantly surprised by what I can grow (in winter anyway). We are going to build a proper garden and set up the aquaponics, but other things need to be done first and meanwhile my pot collection keeps...

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Preserving the harvest

Apr 24 2017 0 Comments Tags: dehydrator, fermented, garden, preserving, self sufficiency, vegetables

Here's a post originally from 2012. It is interesting to read this again now, as I've lately been finding that I can grow a productive and varied vege garden for most of the year, so a lot of the veges that I had preserved were not getting used up anyway. I prefer to use things up while they are fresh, but there are advantages to fermenting food and few things that I do want to use year-round,...

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