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Butchering Poultry

Jun 26 2019 1 Comment Tags: butcher, chickens, real food, turkeys

Last weekend we got up early and prepared for a morning of killing poultry, not my ideal Saturday morning, but the time had come, we were going through too much food and not getting enough eggs. We had bred new hens, so it was time for the eldest of the flock to go. This is never easy, but its part of farming. We don't keep the chickens for pets, so we always know that one day we will kill them....

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The story of our turkeys - from eggs to roast

Sep 14 2016 0 Comments Tags: chickens, turkeys

The turkeys arrived at our property as 12 eggs, bursting out of an egg cartoon (being larger than chicken eggs), towards the end of June 2010.  We put them all straight into the incubator and 28 days later 4 chicks hatched.  They were just like chicken chicks, maybe a little bigger, but just as cute.

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Getting started with chickens - Ohio Farmgirl

Jun 12 2013 0 Comments Tags: chickens, getting started, interview, ohio farmgirl, turkeys

Farmer Liz: Last week I started a series of interviews with bloggers who keep chickens, as a continuation of my series of interviews about getting started with growing your own.  Most of the bloggers from the first series keep chickens too and were keen to join in again.  You will remember Ohio Farmgirl from the last series, she's the one with all the dogs, well turns out she's got lots of...

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