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Using the whole beast

Oct 31 2017 2 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, real food, tallow, tanning

Every year around winter-time we have one of our home-raised steers butchered at our property by a mobile a butcher.  We fill the freezer with meat, bones and tallow, and we sometimes even keep the hide for tanning.  It is very important to us that, as far as possible, we use the whole beast.  If this is something that you would to do too, here are a list of posts that you may find useful.

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Tanning another hide

Jan 28 2013 0 Comments Tags: butcher, hide, steer, tanning

When we have a steer butchered we like to try to use every part of the animal.  We eat the meat and some of the offal, the dogs get the bones and the rest of the offal, we render the tallow and tan the hide.  The only waste is the head, which we bury, so at least it enriches the soil.

Tanning the hid is a big job. This our third hide, so we are getting better at the process every time. I posted...

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Tanning a steer hide - update and answers

Jan 09 2012 0 Comments Tags: butcher, hide, steer, tanning

Thanks everyone for the comments on my first post about tanning our first two steer hides.  I was asked a few questions and I've done some more research since then, so I thought it was time for an update.

I was asked to provide a photo of the fleshing tool, so here's the one we got with the kit....

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Tanning a hide

Nov 07 2011 1 Comment Tags: butcher, cattle, hide, steers, tanning

The hide from the steer that we had butchered in June (Bruce) had been lying on the floor of our shed for several months, covered in salt and waiting for us to start working on tanning it. We had been putting off the job because we remembered how much work it was last time, but we finally got around to it a few weeks ago.
Bruce, and his massive steer hide.
Tanning a hide is hard work, so if...

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