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Surviving the QLD Heat Wave(s)

Jan 15 2018 2 Comments Tags: climate, heatwave, summer

I’ve always said that I’d rather be cold than hot. I have had plenty of opportunity to test this theory during the recent heat wave in QLD (over Christmas and New Years, its been a little overshadowed now that southern states are experiencing their own heatwave, but to be honest, it hasn't really cooled down here either). Yep, definitely still don’t like being hot, although my tolerance is...

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Property fire management plan

Mar 27 2017 0 Comments Tags: fire, summer

Last week we spent a day at a fire management plan workshop organised by our local council in conjunction with the rural fire service. I wasn't sure what to expect from the workshop. I knew what I wanted to get out of it - a plan for managing/preventing bushfire on our property.

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Watermelon granita recipe

Jan 12 2015 0 Comments Tags: real food, summer, watermelon

In summer we can usually buy cheap watermelons (I am yet to master growing them myself, I think I am missing the key ingredient - water), but usually we can't eat the whole thing.  I like to make granita.  Granita is like a chunky form of sorbet. I use less sugar than most recipes and I just blend the whole watermelon (rather than juicing it), so you get all the fibre. I also put in some ginger,...

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Sugar free fruity ice treat for hot summer days

Mar 23 2012 0 Comments Tags: fruit, sugar, summer

This post is linked to Freaky Friday on Real Food Freaks.

Queensland summers are HOT and if you're not eating sugar and processed foods, that means no ice cream or ice blocks to cool you down.  But don't worry, I have found a solution by fiddling with a sorbet recipe.  I just don't add the sugar, and I blend the fruit so that it keeps most of the fibre.

I just mix up any fruit that we have around,...

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