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A Simple Christmas

Dec 01 2019 3 Comments Tags: Christmas, simple life

Do you find this time of year stressful?  I used to, but over the last few years we have made a few changes and now Christmas is a simple and stress-free time instead.  I know that some people love Christmas and can't imagine reducing the fuss and the festivities at all, and that's fine if you really do enjoy it, but if you are feeling stressed at this time of year, maybe consider simplifying your Christmas plans to give yourself a break.  Here's a few ideas:

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The Simple Life - How did you get here?

Jun 23 2019 0 Comments Tags: simple life

You may be wondering what influenced my husband and I to live the way we do. I'm never sure what to call it, its kind of simple, but complicated, and its definitely frugal, but not stingy.  We certainly have everything we want, and not much that we don't need.
Frugality is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, and yet one that we are culturally cut off from...

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Our simple beach wedding

Oct 26 2018 2 Comments Tags: simple life, wedding

We got married on the 23rd of October 2010 at Woodgate Beach, and I wrote this post on our first wedding anniversary as a record of our wedding, with some tips for others who want to keep things simple.  We didn't follow all the traditions because we didn't know what they were and we were happy to just do our own thing.

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Growing your own - Feast or famine?

Mar 13 2017 0 Comments Tags: garden, real food, simple life

Here's an old post from July 2011 that I thought you might enjoy reading again :)

Since we have started producing our own veges, eggs, beef and chicken meat I have noticed that we get used to making our own and have been reluctant to buy these items when our own production levels are low. This means we usually have either too much or not enough of some things, but its just become a way of life for...

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Three simple ideas: Learn basic skills

Dec 14 2016 0 Comments Tags: simple life

Lately I've been sharing with you simple ideas for getting started with simple living.  As many of us have discovered, simple living isn't simple, certainly when you're getting started, there are lots of new skills to learn and its important to find a routine that works.  I've already shared simple ideas for growing your own food, and for saving money on groceries.  Then I wrote about ideas for co...

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Living in the city isn't ALL bad

Apr 06 2016 0 Comments Tags: city, frugal, self sufficiency, simple life

Wow its good to be home on the farm!  After two and a half years of part time city-living, I was nearly getting used to it, but I was missing the country.  Each weekend I would head home early Friday afternoon and it was a massive relief to turn off the motorway and get out into farmland.

eight acres: some things that I enjoyed about my time in the city
Smell ya later Brisbane!

Access to alternative health services
When I first came to Brisbane I made a commitment...

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