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Organic isn't everything.......

Apr 16 2018 2 Comments Tags: butcher, chickens, eggs, meat, organic, real food

We eat eggs for breakfast every morning whenever possible and I do notice the difference if I don't have them, as I get hungry earlier in the morning.  When I have to stay away from home for work, the one thing that miss the most (apart from Pete, the dogs and the other animals) is fresh eggs from our chickens.   I usually order eggs from the hotel for breakfast each morning, but they are not the same as my home eggs.  They have a darker orange yoke and a funny taste.  Even store bought organic free-range eggs do not taste as good as our home-raised pastured-fed eggs, and here's why.

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Homekill butcher day - tips and tricks

Oct 12 2015 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, meat

I usually split homekill beef into two distinct days. Slaughter day is stressful and emotional. There is the worry of getting the animal into the appropriate yard, the butcher turning up on time, seeing the animal killed and quartered, its a hard day. Then a few days later (depending how long the carcass is hung for, this could be up to a week or more) you get butcher day. Butcher day is hard...

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Getting the best from homekill meat

Sep 24 2014 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, meat

Romeo was our fifth steer to be butchered on our property by a mobile butcher.  I've written posts before about tips for homekill butchering and last year I calculated the value of the meat and determined that it was worth raising steers for meat.  It may sound strange, but this was the first year that we really thought about meat quality rather than meat quantity!    Here's what we found out:


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Organic sausage mix for home butchering

Oct 04 2013 2 Comments Tags: beer, butcher, meat, organic, sausage, steer

Before we had our last steer butchered I went to great trouble to source an organic sausage mix for the butcher to use.  Ideally I would just make a sausage mix, but there are a few problems with this when you do a homekill beef steer.

Yum :)
Firstly the butcher doesn't have all morning to fiddle around with bespoke sausage recipes. He likes to just tip in a premix, add the water and churn out the...

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Homekill butchering

Sep 12 2012 0 Comments Tags: beef, butcher, meat, steer

The other week we had a butcher come out to Eight Acres to kill Bratwurst the Limousine-Fresian cross steer.   We had to use a different butcher because our last one had sold up and gone to work in the mines!  Fortunately we found another good one, he was punctual, clean, hard-working and friendly.  Last time I wrote some tips about preparing for a homekill, this is just a few notes that I thought...

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Butchering Homegrown Chickens

Aug 22 2012 0 Comments Tags: butcher, chickens, meat

This post does contain photos of dead chickens and bits of chicken guts in the interests of explaining how we kill, gut and butcher our own homegrown chickens. I make no apologies for this, just warning you. If you are considering killing a chicken, you should be able to at least look at the photos, or you're going to get a shock when you get started. If you have done it before it will be nothing...

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