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We don't have a microwave

Jun 26 2017 0 Comments Tags: house, kitchen, real food

When the cabinet maker asked me where we wanted the microwave in the new kitchen I had a mental-blank. I couldn't think where to put it and when I really thought about it, I didn't actually want a microwave. We did still own one at that stage, but we hardly used it. I find them kind of ugly and I don't completely trust them. We haven't had a microwave in the new kitchen since we moved in Easter,...

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Designing our kitchen

May 10 2017 0 Comments Tags: house, kitchen

This post is a bit late as we've had the kitchen finished for a while, but its given me a chance to try out some of the features of the design so I can tell you how they worked out.  The only thing left to do is paint a small section of ceiling, so please ignore the blue masking tape!

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