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Sourdough biscuits (cookies) - adapting a recipe for sourdough

May 17 2013 0 Comments Tags: biscuit, fermented, Herman, real food, sourdough

Since I got my sourdough cake starter, I've been having fun experimenting with other uses for it.  I can be adapted to all sorts of sweet recipes, and as we don't eat a lot of cake, that is a good thing!

mixing up the dry ingredients, the butter and some starter
When I first received the starter it came with all these instructions about how to feed it and look after it. This included feeding it...

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Sourdough pancakes

May 03 2013 0 Comments Tags: Herman, pancake, real food, sourdough

I have been keeping my sourdough cake starter in the fridge and every couple of weeks I take it out and either use or discard half of the starter and refresh with flour, sugar and water.  The other day I really felt like pancakes, so I thought I'd try making sourdough pancakes.

I really just made up the recipe from the Edmonds cook book(so you could just use your normal pancake recipe), but left...

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A sourdough cake starter called "Herman"

Feb 15 2013 0 Comments Tags: cake, fermented, Herman, real food, sourdough

My friend gave me a bowl of sourdough cake starter, called "Herman".  A bit of a google revealed that this cake starter has been around for a long time, maybe not this particular starter mixture in my kitchen, but the idea of this cake starter has been circulating since the 1980s or earlier.  There's actually an entire websitedevoted to it, as well as lots of newspaper articles and forum...

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