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Making a meal of it - book review

Jun 14 2013 0 Comments Tags: book, food, waste

Do sometimes find yourself with a glut of something that you need to use up?  Or with a little bit of left-over something?  I was sent a book to review by Wakefield Press called "Making a Meal of it", by Jane Willcox and Rosemary Cadden, and they really have thought of a lot of ways to make meals that prevent food waste.  Its not just about veges either, they also include meat, cheese and eggs.


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Food and 4WD on the Sunshine Coast

Sep 17 2012 0 Comments Tags: food, travel

Pete and I don't get to take many holidays, we just have too many animals to organise! Knowing that Bella was due to calve in mid-September, we had decided to take a week off work in August as there would be no trips away after the milk started flowing again. We were planning to travel "out west" to see central QLD, but then we bought all those Braford cows the week before, so we didn't want to be...

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Eating with the seasons

Jun 29 2012 0 Comments Tags: eggs, food, milk, seasons

I know I'm not the first to say that we only appreciate what we have when its gone, but it certainly applies to us with produce.  When we first got Bella our house cow we had so much milk we didn't know what to do with it all, the dogs even had some with their breakfast and we got to experiment with cheese-making.  We had Bella artificially inseminated(remember Kaptain Nightcrawler?) in early...

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Overcoming the breadmaking challenge

Apr 13 2012 0 Comments Tags: bread, food

As much as I try to include real food in our life, we keep buying bread from the supermarket.  Every time I buy bread I think "I should really be making this", but still nothing changes.

The main problem with bread from the supermarket is all the unnecessary ingredients. The only bread that we ever buy is a decent brand, but it often contains soy flour and a huge list of ingrediants. And now the...

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Nourishing Traditions - main meals and more

Mar 30 2012 0 Comments Tags: food, Nourishing Traditions, real food

After finding the Introduction and "Mastering the Basics" chapters of Nourishing Traditions extremely valuable, and having implemented many of the ideas in our everyday meals, the next chapters on "Great Beginnings", "The Main Course", "A Catalogue of Vegetables" and "Luncheons and Supper Foods", have been less relevant.

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Oct 31 2011 0 Comments Tags: food, Nourishing Traditions, sprouts, vegetables

I had been thinking about trying sprouting after I read about the benefits in Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats, but I hadn't got around to doing anything about it, until I saw a few posts on Craving Fresh, in which Emma raved about how easy and yummy they were.

I bought a little kit from the Nanango Markets, you don't have to get...

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