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Supplement feeding your house cow

May 25 2016 0 Comments Tags: cattle, cow, feed

I wish we had luscious green grass for our cow year round, but like most places, we only have green grass for short periods. In winter, we don't get much rain at all, and our sub-tropical grass species die off with the cooler weather. This is when we need to feed our house cow extra hay and grain to supplement the meager offerings in our pasture. Understanding how much to feed is important, as you...

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Feeding chickens

Aug 17 2015 0 Comments Tags: chickens, feed

There are many options for feeding your chickens. For a while we thought the solution was chicken layer pellets, they are uniform, so the chickens don't pick through them, but you never really know what's in them, and they are usually a relatively expensive option.

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Meal worms for chickens

Aug 19 2013 0 Comments Tags: chickens, feed, self sufficiency

One of our goals is to set up our farm to be self-sufficient, mainly because that the cheapest way to do things, and also because it means that we don't have to rely on external sources to provide what we need. A weak point is the chickens. Even though they provide us with plenty of tasty eggs and meat, we still have to buy grain to feed them, so that's not exactly a self-sufficient system.

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