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Water for stock - setting up a dam pump

Oct 24 2017 3 Comments Tags: dams, farm, water

When we have cattle in our stock yards set up water troughs in the yard, which we fill from a nearby dam using a firefighter pump.  This is how we set up the pump suction and discharge when pumping from a farm dam to a water trough.

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Soil testing for dams, roads and erosion control

Jan 18 2016 0 Comments Tags: dams, soil

I started a series on soil testing back here, in which I explained a few simple tests to work out the clay/silt/sand content of soil and the pH. I was always going to come back and explain dispersion, but the truth was, I didn't really know WHY dispersion was important at that time. I have since done a course on erosion management and it all became clear. However, dispersion is not really...

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