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Knitting and crocheting update

May 04 2016 0 Comments Tags: craft, crochet, knitting, winter

I put my knitting away over summer because its just too hot to think about wool, and usually with the longer days there's not much time so spend sitting around.  Now as we come into winter (although our forecast is for 28degC today!  But I will pretend it is getting cooler!), I have sorted out all my half-finished knitting and crochet projects and I'm ready to start working on something again.

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Knitting socks on four double-pointed needles

Aug 26 2013 0 Comments Tags: craft, knitting

How and why I figured out how to knit socks on four double-pointed needles.

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Finger-crocheted rag rug from old t-shirts

Jun 21 2013 0 Comments Tags: craft, waste

Recently I've noticed lots of posts on rag rugs, or maybe they just caught my attention because we need new bath mats, I had read a few quickly, it looked easy enough, so when I saw fill a bag for $1 at the op-shop I decided to choose some t-shirts to make myself a rug. When I went back to look at the rug instructions, I was amazed to find all the different techniques, I found at least five...

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Learning to knit from a pattern

May 27 2013 0 Comments Tags: craft, knitting, winter

Over the past couple of winters I've been teaching myself to knit.  Actually my grannie and mum taught be to knit when I was young, but I had to relearn some of the details and teach myself to do more than just knit back and forth.  I made a few simple items, I tried knitting "in the round", ribbing, stocking stitch and started a sock. So far though I had not managed to follow a pattern and I was...

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Learning to knit and "mancrafts"

Jul 09 2012 0 Comments Tags: craft, knitting, rope, self sufficiency, winter

Since my first knitting attempts last winter, I've been determined to learn more.  I do have a history of giving up on things that I am not able to master immediately, so it takes a concerted effort for me to keep picking up the needles and having a go.  I keep having to remind myself that the ladies who are knitting the lovely items that I admire in blog-land.

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Knitting - some people make it look so easy!

Aug 31 2011 0 Comments Tags: craft, knitting, winter

My grannie used to knit all the time. She used to make us grandchildren embarrassing home-knitted jerseys, which I did not appreciate at the time, but when I was a little older I actually asked her to knit one for me because the house I was living in while attending uni in Palmerston North was absolutely freezing!

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